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Pull List Retirement FAQ

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018 12:25PM EDT
For customers:
As a reader, how will this work?
As of March 30th, 2018 the Pull List and PopShops websites will no longer be active or accessible. We will be updating the Pull List websites up until that time.

How can I see what's coming out next week?
Good question! We make a weekly speadsheet that lists the next week's releases right hereWe aren't endorsing and YMMV (your mileage may vary), but we've heard some people use for tracking pull lists, and there are sites like that track new releases. And of course, Diamond is the source and you can check out their New Releases page. We also hear that Diamond is working on their own online tool for customers to make pulls.

What should I do about my pulls, as a reader?
Please contact your retailer on how to manage your actual in-store pull list to going forward. We’ll continue to update Previews information until we retire the Pull List.

What happened to the Pull List/Pop Up Shop’s?
We've decided to focus all our development efforts on our digital comics. We feel our development resources are best spent on making an amazing digital comics experience for our community.

For retailers:
As a retailer, how will this work?
We will continue to support the Pull List and update each month with new files. Come March 31st, the Pull List and PopShops websites will no longer be active or accessible.
What is the future of the digital storefronts?
We are currently supporting these and will be delivering your reports outside the Retailers portal.
Will the Retailer Portal be available, post-March 31st?
How will we receive sales reports for our digital storefronts?
We will send you an email letting you know about the new system for obtaining your reports.
How do I update my storefront logo without the retailers portal?
Please send an email to and we will update it on your behalf.
What should I do before I all these sites are retired?
Please go in to your account and archive all your data. Once the sites retire on 3/31/2018, this information will no longer be available.

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