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Can I save comics to my SD card?

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2018 05:27PM EST


With Comics 3.10.2 we’ve added SD card support! Some Android devices allow you to add an SD card to expand your device’s storage. This is great for phones or tablets that are running low on space, just pop in an SD card! Note: your Android device must be running Android KitKat (version 4.4.x) for our app to use SD cards.


First step is to update our app to 3.10.2. When you try to download your next book and already have an SD card installed, you’ll be asked if you want to save books to your SD Card. If you choose an SD card, any books you download from that point on will save right to the SD card. You cannot manually move books from your internal storage to the SD card. If you give our app permission after the update, you can delete any already downloaded books and re-downoad them. That will save them to the SD card. You’ll still need to use our Comics app to read any books on your SD card, naturally. :-)

Let's get into some Q&A!

What version of Android do I need to be using so I can store to SD cards?

Your device must be on Android version 4.4.x, also called KitKat.


How do I change my location settings after the fact?

There is a section in the Settings are of our app to adjust your preferences.


What happens if I have downloaded comiXology books on an SD card and I take it out?

Those books will show in your library as if you've never downloaded them. You'd need to either re-insert that SD card into the original device, or just re-download those books again from your library while things are set to ALL and not DEVICE.


Can I swap my SD card from my comiXology app on my phone to my comiXology app on my tablet to save time?

Negative, that won't work. Those books are only readable on the device and app that you first downloaded them on. But it's something we're looking at add in future updates.


I'm having some funky SD card issues, what's up?

If you’re having SD card problems, you could try rebooting your device, or "un-mounting" your SD card inside of Android’s Settings app. These could also help out:

  • Does it work in other apps but not ours? If so, shoot us an email.
  • Is it failing in all your apps? If so you could try rebooting, too!
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