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What does it mean when I've been rejected for bad publisher/series art?

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2014 04:18PM EDT

Every comic book or graphic novel or manga (CGNM) that is submitted to comiXology has to have a Publisher that it is listed under. Thus when you submit your work, you have to give us your Publisher Name or create one. Every CGNM also has to be tied to a series – even if it is a one-shot. Thus you will also have to provide Series art with every new submission. The Publisher Art Icon and the Series Art Icon represent your publishing identity and your comic’s series. Thus when you have been rejected for “bad publisher/series art” it is because these specific icons had some type of issue that made them unacceptable.
Please make sure your icons adhere to our guidelines:
•   600 x 600 pixel square, 72 dpi RGB in JPEG format (no compression).
•   Images should be cropped and not distorted images. Please do not simply resize the height to match this width as this causes distortion.
•   Remove all unnecessary text, logos, and credits from the image so that the icon only contains imagery that best represents the publisher, in the case of a Publisher Art Icon and series logo/name in the case of a Series Art Icon. Icons without a logo/name will be rejected.
•   All images must be all-ages. Images that contain graphic (overly violent or sexual) imagery will be rejected.
•   All images should bleed to the edges of the 600 x 600 pixel square canvas area. Images with “letterboxing” will be rejected.
Keep in mind, these icons are great marketing tools and can help you sell your comic. If these images do not provide enough information it can have a direct impact on your sales. Most consumers will view your icons as a thumbnail so when designing your icons view them at smaller sizes to make sure images and logos don’t drop out and are illegible.
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